Employees at the Heart of 121 Seaport

By January 28, 2019News

CDA provided the design, engineering and commissioning of a fully networked AV solution for PTC’s new headquarters; working with a fantastic, innovative team of design partners in delivering this incredible project. We love what we do!

(Written By: Nancy White | PTC.COM)

If there’s a single phrase to describe PTC’s new global headquarters in the Boston Seaport, it’s employee-centric.

Decisions on workspaces, building amenities, even the location itself, were made to promote overall employee health and wellness, as well as improve accessibility, drive productivity, and enable collaboration.

Research has found a strong correlation between high workplace satisfaction and high employee engagement. And what exactly do employees value in an office? According to a recent survey the top three features are a space that’s appealing and comfortable (61%), workspace flexibility (53%), and a community atmosphere (47%). In 121 Seaport, employees will have all that and more.

PTC is already recognized as one Boston’s Top Places to Work and its new home is a true reflection of the corporate culture. Here’s a look at how the inside – and outside – of the 121 Seaport building offers employees a workspace that fosters collaboration, nurtures innovation, and encourages overall health and wellness.

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